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Lunar Prospector to impact the lunar surface at 9:51 GMT 07/31/99 !!!

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According to NASA, the Lunar Prospector is going to be launched at 23:31 UTC, 5 Jan 1998 (8:31pm EST) from Spaceport Florida's new Launch Complex 46 in Cape Canaveral.

The mission does not carry a camera, but it is expected to settle the issue of water trapped in ice deposits under the moon's surface. The frequencies for the probe are going to be the following:

2273.000 MHz downlink / 2093.0541 MHz uplink

Although I don't know the bandwidth of the expected emissions, I would expect there will be no problem hearing the probe downlink at 2273.000 Mhz. However, what might be most interesting is to look for the UPLINK via EME at 2093.0541 +- doppler !!!

This should be an excellent test for the sensitivity of your Rx equipment. I would appreciate any reception reports.

The link(s) below should be active during the current lunar probe mission !



http://www.nitehawk.com/rasmit/lunar_prosp.html (W6/PA0ZN)

http://spmgs1.cfn.ist.utl.pt/~cupido (CT1DMK)


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