Here's the best I could come up with so far on the Lunar Prospector Transmitter Specs !

Omni antenna: 0 dB gain, RC Polarization
Medium Gain antenna: 6.5 dB gain, RC Polarization
Frequency: 2273.000 Mhz
Power: 5 watts
Subcarrier frequency: 1.024 Mhz
Modulation type: NRZ-L
Telemetry subcarrier modulation index: 1.3 rad
Data Rate: 3600 bps (300 bps initial turn-on and emergency)

NOTE: All data appears to be on the subcarrier only!

After a 105-hour cruise to the moon, the spacecraft will be placed in lunar orbit and begin a one-year mapping mission from 63 miles above the lunar surface. When its battery fails at the end of its lifetime, an estimated 18 months or more from now, Lunar Prospector and its Special Payload will crash on the moon.

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