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The Little Arecibo Dish Project!

"The Little Arecibo Dish Project" is dedicated to my friend Kurt, who without his help I would have never been able to take the dish apart and get it home. Kurt is visible in several of the shots showing the dish being dismantled.

Kurt passed away on May 13th, 1999 at the age of 33. The two of us were planning on putting the dish back together this summer. Unfortunately, none of Kurt's ideas for the mount were committed to paper and are now lost. Without his help it is unlikely that the project will be completed this year but the work will continue.

Clearing of the grounds and re-assembly of the dish started the week of May 24th, 1999. Time lapse photos are being taken of the project for publication on this page. update

This is the picture story of the 10.3 meter dish project. The dish was originally located in Morgantown, W.Va. on the WVU campus and was used to receive the PBS TV network feed. It has been moved approx. 100 miles north to my QTH for use with radio astronomy, project SETI, moonbounce, and other research projects.

NOTE: All video on this web site including all the pictures below were done using the ATI All in Wonder video card. The picture of the moon was done with a modified hand held scanner attached to a home made 6 inch reflector telescope. The telescope was positioned ahead of the moon and the hand held scanner left running while the image of the moon drifted across the filed of view. CCD Camera The telescope may be seen at Laser Radar

The dish at it's original location

The dismantling and transportation

Time lapse video of crane lifting dish off of mount! (approx. 491k)

Waiting for a new Az-El mount to be built!

The old 24 foot dish it is replacing

Putting it back together !

A special thanks to Danny, Kurt, Jim, John, Aaron and all the others that helped make this possible!

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