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The Little Arecibo Dish Project!

"The Little Arecibo Dish Project" hit a MAJOR snag when Kurt passed away. The two of us worked on several different designs for a dish mount but unfortunately none of Kurt's ideas were ever commited to paper making it very difficult after he passed away.

This forced a complete rethinking of the project and up till now I worked on several different ideas scrapping one after the other for one reason or another. However, I THINK I finally have a workable design that is unique and unlike ANY design I've ever seen for a dish of this type. It should be possible for one person to build what I have in mind from scrap yard items as no special parts are required and erect it WITHOUT the use of a crane. No small feat for an antenna that weighs in at over 5 tons !

Only time will tell if what I have in mind will prove workable or not. Hopefully construction will begin sometime next spring.

A special thanks to Danny, Kurt, Jim, John, Aaron and all the others that helped get the project this far!

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