Putting it back together !

The photos on this page now load in

With the exception of the 1st photo on the left, the
most recent photos are at the top of the page.

The 10.3 meter dish is now complete with the
exception of one panel and one perimenter support
which will remain out of the dish over the winter to
allow easy access to the dish surface to allow for
cleaning and repainting.

I expect to begin construction of the mount next

The Subreflector

^ 1 panel ready to be placed in dish. ^ Cut & paste to get idea of size of finished dish !!!
Assembly of subreflector support arms begins
here in descending order.
The diameter of the outer ring in these photos is
approx. 24 feet. Another ring is yet to be added
which will bring the dish up to it's final diameter
of approx 34 feet. This will be done AFTER the
'petals' which make up the dish surface are put in
Dish is now ready for installation of subreflector and
main reflector surface 'petals'. The remaining pieces
visible scattered around the dish will then be
assembled bringing the diameter up to approx 34
feet (10.3 meters).

<First project, clear the trees!