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CCD wide field camera August / September 2004

I usually do most of my observing looking northeast as that's the direction my front porch faces. However, on one of the rare occassions when the sky was clear in August and September of 2004 I set the telescope up behind the house facing south. This took some effort as it required running almost 200 feet of control cable. I only got a few hours in before it clouded up. Here are some of the photos taken those nights using the widefield scope, a UV / IR blocking filter and a motorized 15 to 180 mm Burle lens set at 180 mm. This lens is very similar to the Fujinon 16-160 mm zoom lens but has just a bit more range on both ends of the zoom. This is one of those nights I wished I had a color system, especially for M8, M16 and M17. I did not have the DX-8263SL at this time. All these photos were taken with the GMV-EX6K / MINTRON 12V1E-EX CAMERA.

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NGC869 NGC884

Sorry. Couldn't resist taking a peak over the roof of the house to the north for some of these photos even though the telescope was set up on the south side of the house...

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