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Zap telemarketers off your phone and answering machine
Telemarketers are right up there with spammers!!!

You should have noticed a sequence of tones when this page loaded. Do they sound familiar? You've heard them on the telephone when you dialed a number that was no longer in service. You've seen the TV commercials for the TELEZAPPER. Ever wondered how it worked? All it does is play the same tones you just heard over your phone line when an incoming call is answered. All telemarketers systems are programmed to ignore the telephone number that was just dialed when the system hears those tones.

So what does all this mean and how do you make use of it. Well, you can go out and buy a Telezapper for $39.95. Maybe OK for home but it's going to be difficult to hook up to your cell phone! OR, you can simply put these three tones on your answering machine or record them on your cell phone answering system right before your outgoing recorded message. When a telemarketer calls your number your number will be removed from their database!

The tones MUST be the absolute first thing that is sent when your telephone answers so it has to be recorded at the begining of the outgoing message. You can record the tones on to your answering machine / cell phone by holding the telephone mic up to the computer speaker when this page loads or download the sound file below then click on it to play the tones. Remember to listen to your recorded message to make sure the tones are not distorted. You may have to experiment with the speaker volume level to get a clean recording. Distorted tones will NOT work! If the first thing the telemarketer hears is ANYTHING other than these three tones, such as a long beep like an answering machine, a fax tone or anything else it will log your number for a callback. If you answer with a fax tone your number may be logged as such and put on a list to receive junk fax!!!

In case the tones did not play you can download the sound file. Right click on this > telezap.wav and select SAVE AS. This file was constructed using Cool Edit Pro at a 44.1 Khz samapling rate. It's a small file >100 KB.

The actual frequency of these tones are 985.2 Hz, 1370.6 Hz, and 1776.7 Hz.



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