Signals Confirmed by a ham operator in the UK.





I am an amateur radio operator on the Isle of Guernsey offshore from Normandy. When I saw the story of the possible SETI discovery on the BBC I immediately went to work to see if I could pick the signals up. I normally work stations in the 23cm band which is near the frequency that the signals were allegedly transmitted (1296Mhz as opposed to 1450 Mhz). I have a 4.5 meter dish I use for point to point communication as well as moonbounce (whereby we bounce signals off of the moon) I also have an ICOM 8500 receiver so I was readily equipped to follow this up. I set my dish to the coordinates I found on your website after I converted them to azimuth and elevation and I set my radio and a program called Setifox (which I downloaded off of the Internet) to search between 1445 and 1455Mhz. At approximately 12:30 GMT (about the time when EQ Pegasi rose in my sky) the program began logging what looked like a faint carrier signal. It slowly faded into view and when the signal became strong enough the computer alerted me. I began to set the antenna to track the source over the next few hours. I started into this completely skeptical and sure this was another UFO scare now I am just as puzzeled as the scientists. If this is a signal from another star it is incredibly strong. This would have to be beamed directly at us as far as I can tell. I hope this information is of some value.

Best Regards,

K F Benton - GU0NHD, Castel, Guernsey, UK