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Very old CCD camera info!

MB-750UX C-Mount CCD Camera - $119.95

Order at 1-800-752-3571

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MB 750 Camera Series

Reliability - All units are pre-tested and burned in to insure fault-free operation. High quality parts and excellent engineering combine to make this camera a proven WINNER.
Super Compact - The MB-750 is about 1.26" square in size, without loss in picture quality. One piece compact board for easy installation or concealment.
Shock Resistant - High Density ASIC chip set makes the magic! Ultra reliable SMD parts withstand shock and vibration. Being rugged/durable and compact makes this our most popular design.
Easily Mounted -This module comes with mounting holes on the PCB allowing for easy installation. Its small size and light weight is perfect for multimedia and video communications. Weighs less than 1 oz.
Power Supply - Simple! Power, Video & Ground-3 wires, that's it. Unit uses very low power 8-14V DC at 100ma. For convenience, you can use a standard 9 volt battery.

MB-750 Camera Specifications

Pickup Device 1/3" Interline Transfer CCD
Scanning System 2:1 Interlace
Horizontal Resolution 420 - TV Line
Synchronization Internal
Signal To Noise Ration 45 dB or more
Auto Gain Control On
Video Output 1 Vpp Composite at 75 Ohm
Effective Pickup Area Pixel 512(H) x 492(V)
Light Sensitivity N-30 IRE, .1 LUX
Lens Interface 750-P - 2.8mm
Auto Iris Elec. Shutter, Max 1.100 Sec.
Gamma 0.45
Input Voltage 8 - 14 VDC
Power Consumption 100 - 100mA
Operating Temperature -10deg. C to +55 deg. C
Weight 15 Grams .9oz.

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